Privacy Policy

Your personal information needs to be safe. For this reason, all and any communication and documents that we receive from you as our customer are kept confidential, and we will never share private records with third parties without your specific permission.

Some of the information we require for your account at Jones Mutual for compliance reasons contain personal data. These documents are used only to confirm your identity, which we are obliged to do according to official KYC (“Know Your Client”) procedures. We store these documents separately and safely. Access is granted only to employees authorized by the fraud department as part of their professional task. This strict compliance with verification procedures ensures a safe trading environment and protects your account against theft and fraud.

You confirm that all information provided by you upon registration with Jones Mutual is both true and accurate. Each account holder can only trade on his account opened in his name. Any account opened under a false name with the intent to impersonate a third party or in any other way deceiving will be immediately closed.

The company has no interest in personal information that is not necessary to activate and maintain a trading account. We only collect information that is absolutely necessary, and data which is available through the use of cookies to review the interaction between traders and the network. As indicated above, access to this information is strictly limited and protected by all means of current applicable technology. Information may be released only in one of the following cases:

  • The customer gives his written consent, indicating the specific entities to whom the information may be released.
  • It is required in connection with a legal investigation.
  • It is necessary for external verification of the identity of the account owner.

All interactions between customers and Jones Mutual are kept on record. These records may be used in case of disputes and for proper account operations. Anyone opening an account is aware of this and automatically agrees with these terms. Customers also agree to the use of provided information as is necessary to operate a trading account and conduct business properly.

At Jones Mutual, we view customer service and assistance as an important part of doing business. We may attempt to contact you personally via phone or email, to update you about interesting events or market information or offer personalized promotional offers. Opening an account represents your acceptance of being contacted. Should you at any time not wish to receive any personal communication, you may send in a request not to be contacted, and we will respect your choice.