Jones Mutual knows that banking doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Working closely with experts in the financial industry, we have made depositing on our platform secure, easy and convenient for all our clients. We offer 24/5 support for our clients for all their banking needs, whether it be making a first-time deposit, additional deposits or a request for withdrawal of funds. Rest assured that the most advanced digital encryption software protects your funds, and your transactions are handled carefully and precisely, so you can carry on with your daily life and never think twice.


Credit/Debit Card As one of our banking options, we offer a quick and safe deposit by credit/debit card. Please keep in mind that currently Jones Mutual only accepts Visa or MasterCard. Bank Wire Clients who choose not to deposit by credit/debit card will be pleased we happily offer the option to use a bank wire. As with all bank wire transfers, there might be additional fees added by the bank; thus we encourage all our clients to inquire about these fees with their financial institution, prior to making a wire transfer. For any questions regarding depositing, please feel free to contact our support department at


Clients at some point will choose to collect some of their generated profits in the form of a withdrawal. When a client places a request for a withdrawal, Jones Mutual will run a thorough check of the account making sure that the account meets all requirements before approving the withdrawal. The approval and processing of the withdrawal will then take up to seven business days. After that period, the funds are released to the client and might be delayed by an additional 48 hours, a result that Jones Mutual has no control over. Jones Mutual, places as much emphasis on the security of your funds when it comes to your withdrawal as when it comes to your deposits. We know that financial transactions is a two-way street and being vigilant against fraud is a must in both directions. For this to be successful and fight anti-money laundering, Jones Mutual processes all funds being sent to clients back to the originating method that the client used to deposit into their account. In short, if a client deposited by credit/debit card, that same card will be credited. The same goes for bank wires; money will be transferred back to that banking institution account. Kindly note that a minimum withdrawal amount must be no less than 50 units of the accounts base currency (USD, EUR or GBP). All withdrawals will have an additional fee: 3.5 percent processing fee for credit/debit card requests and a $15 fee on all bank wire requests.


Clients who deposit money into their account with the said Company per the services being provided on the website, the Company is entitled to compensate the Client any amount collected in any of the mentioned cases:

  • The Client’s wishes, and the balance of Clients’ account with the Company subject to the Client meeting all compliance requirements, or
  • There are a collective understanding and agreement between the parties or
  • The Companies duty for services to be provided have not been fulfilled, or
  • The contractual relationship between Client and Company has concluded, with or without cause. Dependent on any debt of Client to Company.


All and any request for withdrawing money from an account must be made using the ‘Withdrawal Request’ form provided by Jones Mutual. This form is available for download located in the My Account section, or by simply requesting it from the compliance department by emailing Along with your request, please provide us with your account number and the amount requested. Keep in mind that the strict compliance requirement must be met before any withdrawal can be approved. The mandatory compliance documents needed are as follows:

  • Proof of Identity – Driver’s License/Government-Issued State ID/Passport- color double sided
  • Proof of Address – Utility Bill (Water/Gas/Electric/Cable)/ Bank Statement – documents must show entire full name, entire home address and not be more than 3 months old
  • Proof of Payment Method – Credit/Debit Card – color double-sided, showing the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card, full owner name, and expiration date with signature on the back.
  • Declaration of Deposit – form with signatures confirming all Jones Mutual deposits.


Due to our strict Anti-Money Laundering practices, in the case of a credit/debit card withdrawal whose amount exceeds the value of deposits made on a specific card, the amount going over will not be sent to that particular card. You will be required to provide us with your bank details where we will legally send the difference to.